How to Do a Puppy Cut on a Silky Coat Yorkie

The puppy cut makes your Yorkie's hair all one length.
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When it comes to grooming, Yorkies are a high maintenance breed whose coats require a significant amount of time and attention. You can minimize the amount of time you spend detangling and fixing your Yorkie's hair if you select a low maintenance style. The puppy cut is a fairly popular style for owners who do not want to spend a lot of effort grooming. It involves trimming the entire coat to be a single length, normally fairly short without being completely shaved.

Step 1

Comb out your Yorkie's fur and detangle any knots in his coat with a brush or stainless steel comb. The puppy cut is not a full shave and your clippers will snag in knots, pulling your dog's hair if you don't detangle first.

Step 2

Decide what length guard you want to use to create the puppy cut look. Select a guard that is more than 1 inch or your dog will appear to be shaved rather than clipped. Attach the guard to the clippers and prepare to get started.

Step 3

Restrain your Yorkie in your work area. You will need to hold onto him using a grooming loop style leash or an actual grooming restraint that uses a combination leash and collar to keep your dog from escaping while you clip him. Make sure your dog accepts the sound and feel of the clippers before you use them on him. A frightened dog is a poor candidate for grooming.

Step 4

Use the clippers to give your Yorkie a puppy cut. Start clipping near his head and work your way down his body. Make sure you clip your Yorkie's coat going in the same direction as the hair grows naturally or you will give your dog an uneven short patch of fur anywhere you went against the grain.

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