Pugs With Bad Skin Odors

Keep your pug's skin smelling sweet -- like his disposition.
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Pugs are much adored around the world for their legendary wrinkly visages. As undeniably endearing as their wrinkles are, they sometimes can lead to unpleasant and highly noticeable skin odors. Proper and routine cleaning of the skin folds are a must for keeping a pug comfortable, clean and healthy.


If you notice a foul smell emanating from your pug and he appears otherwise clean, his facial skin might be the cause. A pug's facial wrinkles make an catchall for all sorts of things, whether water or remnants of last night's chicken dinner. Once those things accumulate within the confines of a pug's wrinkles, they can start smelling pretty yucky -- and fast. If you have a pug in your life, it's absolutely crucial to keep up with the hygiene of his skin folds.

Routine Cleaning

Aim to clean out your pug's skin folds a minimum of once in every seven days. If the cutie's skin develops a bad odor quicker than that, perform cleaning sessions more frequently. Dampen a cotton pad or ball in warm water and remove any icky things that might be resting inside your pet's wrinkles, whether crumbly eye discharge or tiny bites of beef treats. Baby wipes also work well for these purposes. Just be careful not to allow cleaning product to enter your pooch's eyes. Always be soft in your approach to cleaning your pug's facial wrinkles. Your dog might not find the whole experience too fun, after all.


If you don't frequently clean out your pug's skin folds, bad smells aren't the worst of it. Filth in the folds causes dermatitis. Bacterial infection such as pyoderma is a common effect of dermatitis that can trigger everything from excessive itchiness to uncomfortable inflammation. Skin fold dermatitis and pyoderma often pop up in severe instances of skin fold cleaning neglect and can result in even worse smells. Pugs sometimes experience loss of fur. If you are concerned your pug might have either skin fold dermatitis or pyoderma, take him to the veterinarian.


The pug breed, like most others, has its own set of typical health-related concerns. Skin fold dermatitis generally appears in pugs who are fully mature -- think those between the ages of 1 and 6 years old.

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