How to Care for Bulldog Face Folds

Bulldogs who spend a lot of time outdoors benefit from daily wrinkle cleaning.
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The wrinkles on your bulldog's face are adorably iconic, but they can also become breeding grounds for stinky yeast and bacteria. Your bulldog's face should never have an odor. Cleaning your pooch's folds a few times a week, or more during the summer, helps stave off irritation and skin infections.

Step 1

Pull the wrinkle flat and run an aloe baby wipe over each facial fold to remove debris and bacteria. Use a clean wipe for each facial wrinkle so you're not redistributing bacteria and dirt from one fold to another. Baby wipes are effective because they're slightly damp, but not dripping wet, and don't contain any irritating perfumes or chemicals.

Step 2

Continue holding the wrinkle flat and gently pat the skin dry with a clean paper towel. Bacteria and yeast grow fastest in environments that are dark, warm and damp. Removing excess moisture from the fold helps prevent irritation. Always pat your dog's face dry, rather than rubbing the wrinkle vigorously, which could irritate the skin.

Step 3

Apply a pea-sized amount of diaper cream inside each fold with a clean cotton swab if your pup's wrinkles appear red or irritated. The soothing cream will help relieve itchiness or chaffing that bulldog wrinkles are prone to developing.

Step 4

Dust each wrinkle with a makeup brush covered in cornstarch. The absorbent nature of cornstarch prevents moisture from building up in your dog's wrinkles. Obviously, if you're cleaning his face once a day, or several times a week, each cleaning will require a new application of cornstarch.

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