The Problem of Jealous Parrots

Before your parrots square off, it's best to diffuse the situation.
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Parrots are loving, affectionate pets, and they are highly prone to jealousy. Parrots often become jealous when a new person or pet is introduced into their routine. A little extra love and patience, however, can cool a jealous parrot's emotions.

Warning Signs

Abrupt changes in a parrot's behavior whenever a new person or pet is introduced are the first warning signs that he is jealous of the newcomer. Some parrots fan their tails and chatter loudly. Some screech or throw toys around their cages. Some even try to scratch or bite the newcomer. Occasionally, jealous parrots turn their feelings inward and start pulling out their own feathers. Whatever the behavior, parrots usually act out physically when they are jealous.


Socializing parrots to newcomers takes time and patience. Whenever the object of jealousy is around offer your parrot a treat or give him some sweet talk and a gentle head scratch to reassure him. Let a new person give him treats while talking gently to him, or have the two spend some alone time together. If he acts out, avoid punishing him. He will not understand and your negative actions will only make matters worse. Always maintain a positive attitude with him.

Take Precautions

Never place a new bird in a cage with an established bird, as they could seriously injure each other. When introducing a new person or other pet, keep your parrot in his cage until he can adjust to the newcomer. Encourage a new person in the house to feed your parrot treats while he is in his cage to avoid an attack. And praise your bird lavishly when he accepts the treats.

Be Sensitive

Parrots are extremely emotional and sensitive. They form close bonds with their owners that are nearly impossible to break. Adopting a parrot and lavishing him with attention only to shift your emotions to another person or pet is cruel. A parrot does not understand why a newcomer has entered the picture, he only knows that someone else is stealing your attention. You cannot train jealousy out of him, but you can be sensitive to his very strong feelings.

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