Pregnant Cat Behavior

Your mama cat is getting ready to have a litter soon.
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Your feline furbaby is about to become a mama, and she’s ... lying around looking cool right about now. Keep a few precautions in mind for your new queen and allow nature to take its course. You’ll need to keep her away from hazards that could make her sick.

Give Me Privacy!

Once your cat-girlfriend knows she’s in the family way, she’ll want some “me-time.” Soon she'll be spending her time, 24/7, taking her of her little ones, so she'll rest more now, and seek out private places. If she hides in a new secure spot, allow her this time. Relax – she’ll only want her “me-time” for about nine weeks. Once she’s had her babies, the situation changes completely.

A Quiet Mama

Because of all the changes taking place inside her body, your soon-to-be mama cat will want to rest more – yes, more! She’ll be sleepier more often and she’ll be quieter and calmer. If she’s already a calm kitty, she’ll be chillin’ more than anything. Allow her the time for extra beauty sleep. She’ll thank you for it with a calmer, more mellow attitude.

No Interest in Other Cats

“What? Meet another cat? Nah. Not interested.” That’s the message your mama furbaby gives you as she stands, stretches and lies down again to sleep. She'll want privacy not only from other cats, but probably from her younger humans as well. While she’ll spend some time in the open, public areas of your home, her overall attitude will be a little standoffish.

If you have more than one feline family member, you might have to keep them away from your pregnant furbaby, simply because she’s not interested in interacting with them and might get a little feisty.

More Affectionate

Your pregnant feline slinks up to you and rubs her rounded side against your leg, purring all the while. Awwww! She’s feeling more affectionate toward her humans now than ever before. Give her the attention she craves, but try not to pick her up very often. She’ll move quickly from feeling cuddly to becoming irritated.

Becomes Restless

Late in her pregnancy, your queen furbaby becomes restless as she begins to anticipate the birth of the little ones you and she are expecting. You’ll see her pacing around your house, scouting out comfortable and hidden areas where she can rest in privacy. She is also seeking out places away from the hustle and bustle of your household so that, when she delivers, she knows where she can go.

It’s a fine line between restlessness and occasional irritability and too much of these signs. If she appears to be too irritable or restless, it’s a good idea to call your vet, because she could be developing eclampsia, which is a dangerous condition of pregnancy. If she paces more than normal or begins panting heavily, call your vet right away.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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