Precautions for Using Frontline Plus in Cats

Like any medication, there are precautions associated with Frontline Plus.
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Frontline Plus is one of multiple topical flea preventatives for cats. Like any medication, there are precautions associated with using it. This information is not intended to replace a consultation with your veterinarian. Since Frontline Plus is only available through vets, take the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns with him.

Side Effects

According to the Frontline's website, side effects are rare. However, cats are individuals, just like humans. Some may experience temporary irritation at the application site, which usually is the skin at the base of the cat's neck. This is the only potential side effect mentioned.

Use on Cats Taking Medication

The website states that Frontline Plus is not known to interact adversely with any medication your cat might be taking. According to the Cat Health Guide, this is because it is not absorbed into the bloodstream and, therefore, is non-toxic.

Application After Another Flea Preventative

The product information states that Frontline Plus has no known interactions with any other flea and tick preventatives. However, it does recommend waiting at least 24 hours after the application of another product before applying Frontline Plus. The Cat Health Guide recommends checking with your vet before using multiple products.


Frontline Plus can be applied to cats as young as 8 weeks old. The product information does not mention what effect it might have on kittens younger than 8 weeks old. If you have kittens this young and want to use Frontline Plus on them, ask your vet if it is safe. If he approves, follow any dosing instructions he might give precisely.

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