About Pomapoo Puppies

A cross between a poodle and a Pomeranian, the pomapoo isn't recognized by any breed registry as a purebred. On the other hand, anyone seeing this little designer hybrid puppy recognizes it as an adorable little canine. Pomapoo, of course, is a made-up word, but it spells tiny, cute dog.


When you cross two distinct dog breeds, the appearance of each resulting offspring is a roll of the dice. Some puppies in the litter might look like one or the other parent, while others definitely look like a mix. The pomapoo cross is generally between a pomeranian and a toy poodle rather than a miniature. That means your puppy will probably weigh between 5 and 15 pounds when grown. If the poodle parent is a miniature poodle instead of a toy, you pup could wind up a little larger. Pomapoo colors run the doggie gamut.


The pomapoo requires only moderate amounts of exercise, so he can be a good choice for apartment living. Take your puppy for a walk around the block a few times a day, and make time to play with him at home. His main pleasure is being with you, and he's portable enough to take places if he's well-behaved. The two of you might enjoy classes at obedience school.


Poodles are exceptionally smart dogs, and pomeranians are no slouch in the canine brains department, either. That means your pomapoo is likely to be easy to train. While both breeds are companion dogs, poms tend to be more outgoing and good with strangers, while poodles sometimes are a little timid with people other than their owners. Lots of socialization is a good idea in either case. In addition to obedience training, you might want to try agility or other dog activities suitable for little canines.


How much grooming your pomapoo will need depends on which side of the family he resembles. However, both breeds require a fair amount of maintenance in the coat department. If your pomapoo shares the tight, curly hair of his poodle ancestry, he needs regular clipping for a neat appearance. If he leans toward the pom, his coat requires frequent brushing to prevent matting. While poodles don't shed, poms do, so how much hair ends up on your furniture and clothing depends on your individual pomapoo's coat texture.

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