Do All Labradoodles Have Curly Hair?

Your labradoodle may be blessed with straight, wavy or curly hair.
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Labradoodles can be found in a variety of colors, sizes and coat types. While curly-haired doodles are amongst the most popular, these dogs can also have wavy or straight locks. A labradoodle’s coat is characterized into three types: wool, hair and fleece. Each doodle is part poodle and part Labrador retriever.


Your labradoodle’s genetic makeup determines whether or not he’ll have a curly coat. The F1 generation labradoodle consists of 50 percent poodle and 50 percent Labrador retriever—one parent of each breed. These dogs are typically non-shedding and may have wavy to loose curls. The F1B generation labradoodle consists of 75 percent poodle and 25 percent Labrador retriever—one poodle parent and one F1 parent. F1B doodles have a sheepdog-like appearance with wavy to curly hair with wool or fleece texture. Both types of labradoodles are recommended for allergy sufferers.

Wool Coat

Similar to the wool of a lamb, labradoodles may sport these tight, dense curls. A wool coat requires little maintenance if kept short, but does carry the risk of matting. Labradoodles with wool coats are generally more poodle-like in appearance, with very soft coats that don’t shed. Doodles with wool coats are a smart option for pet owners with severe allergies or asthma.

Hair Coat

If your labradoodle’s coat looks more shaggy than curly, he may have a hair coat. Doodles with hair coats have more Labrador-like features and a coat that feels similar to human hair. Like humans, labradoodles with a hair coat do shed. Hair coats require little maintenance and can get by with one or two haircuts a year. Since labradoodles shed to varying degrees, they are not always suitable for allergy sufferers or pet owners looking for a non-shedding pooch.

Fleece Coat

Fleece coats are the type most often associated with the loving labradoodle. The fleece coat can be straight to curly, light and silky-soft to the touch. Labradoodles with a fleece coat generally require a lot of maintenance to prevent matting, especially between 9 and 14 months of age when the adult coat grows in. While your fleecy labradoodle may shed, they are normally accepted by allergy sufferers.

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