Pheromone Therapy Diffuser for Cats

Pheromone diffusers often serve to ease a kitty's nerves.
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Stress and nerves often play a major role in feline behavioral issues. Cats, not unlike people, are vulnerable to feelings of anxiety and may act out because of them. For calming your apprehensive kitty down, a handy pheromone therapy diffuser may be just what you need.

Facial Pheromones

Cats have complex and fascinating bodies. Their cheeks contain scent glands that secrete pheromones that make them feel good -- think relaxed, calm and worry-free. The Feline Advisory Bureau notes their pheremone emissions may consist of a maximum of 40 individual types of chemicals. Quite impressive, actually. If you notice your kitty massaging her cheeks into your knees, for example, she may be attempting to soothe herself.

Synthetic Pheromones

For purposes of calming down anxiety-ridden felines, synthetic pheromone therapy diffuser and spray products are available at many pet supply stores. Synthetic pheromone diffusers aim to emulate the comforting actions of the chemicals that cats give off facially. Simply plug a diffuser into the electrical outlet that's nearest key "trouble" spots for your kitty, whether a wall she enjoys scratching or a couch she sprays.

Behavioral Issues

For a couple of different reasons, artificial pheromone diffusers may be useful in managing problematic cat behaviors, from destructive scratching to messy and icky urine-spraying. Firstly, if your cat is feeling calm and relaxed, she may be less likely to act out. If she's spraying urine as a result of feeling anxious and uncertain after a move to a different apartment, for example, use of a diffuser may lift her spirits, helping her get back on track. If your cat detects the pheromone scent in the air, she may think she has already marked the space. A cat likely won't feel the need to mark if she smells pheromones in the air.

Spray Version

Although plug-in pheromone diffusers may be effective for use within your household, they obviously aren't an option outside the home. If your kitty is prone to severe anxiety attacks on the way to the veterinary's office, for instance, you may want to consider using pheromone therapy sprays, which are the same thing in purse or pocket form. With this, you'll be able to spray her transportation carrier. A pheromone spray may be especially helpful for short-term anxiety situations.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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