What Is the Personality of a Himalayan Cat?

Himalayans are fluffy like Persians with the color points of a Siamese.
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While often thought of as a separate breed, Himalayan cats actually are a type of Persian. They have the gorgeous point coloring of a Siamese and the long coat of a Persian. This combination has served to make this fluffy kitty one of the most popular breeds in the United States.


Himalayans originated by breeding Siamese cats with Persians. The Cat Fanciers' Association actually considers Himalayans as a type of Persian, or Colorpoint Longhair. This means that in most ways, a Himalayan, affectionately called Himmys, have the same traits as a Persian. They have the same short legs, round features and extraordinarily long coat as Persians. There are several color varieties, including chocolate point, blue point, lilac point, cream point, tortie point or red point. The most popular and most recognizable is the “Siamese” look, or seal point.

Laid Back

Himmys are known for having the same laid back personality as Persians. Himalayans are easygoing and adjust well to new environments or activities. Their affectionate personality make them excellent lap warmers and cuddlers. They'll likely become your little doppelganger, keeping you company whatever you do.


While they are known to be pretty calm, this doesn't mean that Himalayans are lazy. They are very intelligent and enjoy playtime almost as much as lap time. They also are talkative cats, like their Siamese cousins, and likely will try and have conversations with you. They have a good balance between playful and peaceful, making them ideal family pets.


While that long coat of fur serves to make them adorable, it makes them a little high maintenance. They require daily brushing to keep their fur tangle-free. Oil also can build up on their long tresses, so bathing sometimes is necessary. Bathing a cat can be a trying experience that is not for the faint of heart. If you have allergies you may want to avoid Himmys, as they do shed heavily. If you're willing to comb that long, beautiful coat and bathe your kitty from time to time, Himalayans are one of the most easygoing cats you can find.

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