What Is the Perfect Cage Size for Two Parakeets?

Give your parakeets plenty of space to play and socialize.
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Giving your parakeets a new home doesn’t just mean bringing them back to your place -- they need space of their own. The perfectly shaped and sized cage for your birdies will accommodate for their active lifestyle and they will surely take advantage of the extra climbing possibilities.


The recommended size for one parakeet is 25 inches tall and 25 inches deep. To house two birds comfortably, you should double that cage size to make it at least 50 inches tall and 50 inches deep. If you can afford it and have enough space, opt for a bigger cage.


Tall cages work best for parakeets. This type of bird really likes to fly around and hop from place to place. If you can, choose a cage that exceeds the height recommendation of 50 inches.

Bar Size

Choose a cage that has horizontal bars. Both your parakeets will enjoy climbing these bars for entertainment and exercise. The bars should only be 0.4 inches apart. This will ensure that your parakeets keep their heads inside the cage and won’t be tempted to try to escape, at least not through the bars.


The proper sized cage is important, as is the material it is made of. Stainless steel cages work well, as do materials that are coated with non-toxic paint or sealant. Unfinished, brass and rusted cages are all unsafe for your birds. Never take home damaged cages that have exposed bars or contain a zinc-laced finish. That could make your birdies sick.

Factors to Consider

When choosing the cage, keep in mind all the things that will be housed within the bars in addition to the parakeets. Put food and water dishes, cuttlebone, toys, mirrors and perches inside the cage to keep your birdies happy. Parakeets are quite active so they need space to play, fly and hop around comfortably.

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