When Do Pekingese Stop Growing?

"I'm tiny, but I'm an adult."
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Pekingese are Chinese dogs adored for their spirited temperaments and their notably small statures. As dogs of the toy group, Pekingese are hardly ideal for people who gravitate to big pets. Many of these cuties don't break 10 pounds, after all.

Mature Size

Full-grown Pekingese usually are 6 to 9 inches in height at the shoulder. This goes for members of both sexes. They generally weigh no more than 14 pounds. Once your pet gets to around this size, she might be all through with growing. Especially tiny Pekingese pooches are often lovingly referred to as "sleeve" Pekingese. If a Pekingese weighs less than 6 pounds, she qualifies to be called by that loving moniker. If she's in the slightly larger 6- to 8-pound bracket, she's known as a "mini" Pekingese. Since mature Pekingese are so small, they tend to adapt to life in small environments -- like city dwellings -- quickly and with ease.

Full Growth

As small toy dogs, Pekingese typically reach adult size more rapidly than most breeds -- between 9 months to a year in age. Some Pekingese might stop growing before 9 months, and others might stop growing once they're a little past a year old. All dogs are individuals. If you have any concerns about your pet's growth and development, speak to your veterinarian about them promptly.

No Comparison to Bigger Doggies

If you have also have bigger breed puppy who is around the same age as your Peke, avoid making comparisons regarding their growth. Tiny pooches tend to mature physically quicker than their more substantial counterparts. Bigger dogs tend to be later bloomers. It actually is common for large canines to continue growing until they're a maximum of around 2 years old. Essentially, big dogs often can grow for around twice as long as the smaller ones.

Sexual Maturity

Don't assume that your Pekingese pooch is done growing once she hits reproductive maturity, either. Dog are able to bear a litter of puppies before they're fully mature; reproductive maturity often comes a few months before physical maturity. Female Pekingese often experience their first heat cycles when they're approximately 8 months old -- usually with a good few months left of body growth.

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