Different Style Haircuts for Small Dogs

Pomeranian owners seem most fond of the lion cut.
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To keep your small dog happy and healthy, cut his hair regularly. Small dog haircuts keep little guys clean and mat-free. They keep him cool in the summer and can make grooming a little easier depending on the style you choose.

The Teddy Bear Cut

One of the most recognizable of all small dog haircuts is the teddy bear cut. To achieve the teddy bear look, groomers will trim the hair around your pup’s head and face evenly and slightly longer than what's on the body. The hair on your dog’s body is trimmed much shorter, making this a great cut for warm weather.

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut may be named after the puppy but a dog of any age can sport the trim. Many people like the puppy cut because it’s low maintenance. This haircut requires grooming weekly. It’s cute and perfect for toy breeds. This cut is defined by a uniform, all-over hair length. The groomer will clip the dog’s hair to about 2 inches long.

The Lamb Cut

Just like it's titled, the lamb cut is designed to make your small dog look like a little lamb. Both the head and the body are trimmed short, making this a low-maintenance look that only requires a trip back to the groomer every six to eight weeks. This short-haired look is perfect for warm weather, because it will help keep your dog cool.

The Lion Cut

The lion cut is popular among long-haired, small dogs, as well as big dogs, like chow chows. Pomeranian owners love this cut, because it makes their small pooches look like little lions. This cut is defined by a short cut on the body, with long hair around the head and jaw to create the look of a mane. The tail is trimmed short until the end, where a small tuft of hair is left like that of a lion’s.

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