When Is National Adopt a Cat Month?

Kick off your summer by adopting a shelter cat.
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If you're enthusiastic about animals, and especially about the adoption of rescue pets, National Adopt-a-Cat Month is a great time to spread the word to others. This event takes place every year during the month of June, when kitten season is at a fever pitch.

What is National Adopt-a-Cat Month?

If you're thinking about bringing a furry new family member into your home, National Adopt-a-Cat Month in June may be the time time to do it. The month of June is all about cat adoption, from the first day to the last.

Around late spring, you may start noticing the births of more and more litters of kittens due to mating season. Because of this sudden abundance of young kitties, animal shelters and rescue organizations often are full of cute new "junior" additions around the time June rolls around.


If you're looking to adopt a fluffy friend, National Adopt-a-Cat Month sometimes offers a lot of incentives to do so. Because of the surge of homeless kitties that need home placements around this time of the year, animal shelters and rescue organizations may waive, or at least reduce, the adoption fee on some of their available animals, especially if the cuties are on the senior side.

Celebrating National Adopt-a-Cat Month

Even if you are at the moment unable to bring any kittens or adult cats into your home, that doesn't mean that you can't celebrate National Adopt-a-Cat Month in your own way. Inquire at your local animal shelter or rescue group about possible posters you may be allowed to put up, or perhaps even flyers you can hand out. Many people who indeed may be seriously interested in adopting a cat might not be aware of all of June's adoptions options.

Other Animal "Months"

If canines are more your speed, at the other end of the spectrum, October is National Adopt-a-Dog Month. If you prefer animals with floppier ears, you may even wait it out a little longer until July hits, which is National Adopt-a-Rabbit Month. Explore all of your choices when it comes to saving the life of a precious, furry pal.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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