Is a Miniature Schnauzer's Hair Curly or Straight?

The mini schnauzer's hair is naturally wavy.
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Your miniature schnauzer is a tiny replica of the standard schnauzer and the giant schnauzer, right down to his distinguished little mustache and beard. Your little gentleman is one dapper darling. When closely cropped his hair can look straight, but if left untrimmed it curls naturally.

Outer Coat

A miniature schnauzer’s coat has two layers. The outer coat consists of wiry, coarse hairs that repel water and dirt. In the show ring, the mini schnauzer sports a uniform trim on his back, trunk, neck, head and tail, which can make the hairs look somewhat straight. But if you examine them closely you’ll find that they're textured and not perfectly smooth.


The miniature schnauzer’s undercoat is soft and dense. It remains relatively hidden, but it keeps the dog warm during cold weather. Schnauzers shed very little, which makes them a top choice for allergy sufferers. However, the hair in their undercoat dies, and it must be manually removed at least twice a year to maintain the dog’s distinctive look.


Leg hairs, along with the mini schnauzer’s longer facial hairs, are his “furnishings.” Although this isn't the kind of feather you’d find on a bird, groomers refer to the hair on a mini schnauzer’s legs as feathers because they stand out from the legs. After a miniature schnauzer has been bathed and blown dry, his leg feathers, beard and mustache look relatively straight. However, if your little pooch dries on his own after getting wet, his furnishings will look wavy.

Grooming for Straight Hair

Bathe your miniature schnauzer once a month, or as needed to keep him clean. To make his furnishings look as straight as possible, apply a leave-in conditioner and blow dry the hairs completely with a dog dryer or with a hair dryer set to “Cold.” To straighten the hairs, brush with a large, rounded-bristle brush as you blow dry. Any dampness left in the hair will cause it to wave.

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