What Does It Mean When Your Cats Want to Snuggle in Bed?

You're like her own personal space heater.
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Fifi and Fluffy know your routine like the back of their paws. At the same time every night right after you pouf your pillows, they conveniently snuggle themselves between your arm and your body. Of course they're being affectionate, but most importantly they're trying to keep warm.


You have one more thing to add to your resume: human heater. You've probably noticed that Fifi and Fluffy will always seek out the warmest spots in the house, even it's that tiny patch of sunlight on the carpet, and curl up for a nap. Fortunately for them, you provide plenty of warmth without having to go searching anywhere. They may burrow their way underneath the blankets and snuggle up right next to your body or curl up on your pillow right next to your head. No matter what, they're just simply aiming to stay warm during their snooze.


Cats need to feel safe and secure at all times, especially when they're vulnerable while passed out cold. Fifi and Fluffy know that when you're around, nothing bad could possibly happen -- all is well in their little world. Naturally, dozing off right next to you has to be the safest spot in their entire estate. When they snuggle with you they feel at ease, perfectly stress-free and don't have a care in the world.


You do everything for your kitties -- including cleaning out the litter box. Even though you feel unappreciated, your felines surely notice your efforts to keep them happy. There's no easy way for Fifi and Fluffy to display their gratitude. When it's convenient for them, they'll show you affection by snuggling to let you know you're doing a good job. Snuggling in bed, purring loudly and kneading at your belly are cues that your furry pals love everything about you.

Peculiar Behaviors

Because your felines are perched right next to you, you'll notice some peculiar quirks that you haven't seen before. Cats go through different phases throughout their sleep cycles, much like you, reports the PAWS Chicago shelter. During her deep sleep, Fifi might twitch her eyes, move her ears back and forth and drool. Fluffy may do the same things when she's zonked out or her paws will quiver and move like she's walking in her sleep. These goofy behaviors are perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. They're just signs that your kitty can rest peacefully when curled up next to you.

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