Why Do Cats Like to Sleep on Top of You?

Both you and your bed are comfortable.
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You and Max have a nightly routine. After you lie down, he curls up right on your chest and purrs himself to sleep. Your feline companion sleeps right on top of you because he feels safe and secure. Surely nothing can happen to him if he is snuggled with you!


You've probably noticed that as soon as the sun comes up, Max sprawls out in the middle of the living room floor just to catch even the slightest ray of sunlight. Cats prefer resting in warm places. Because are no sunbeams blaring in during the nighttime hours, Max has to find another place to catch some Zzzs. Naturally, the next warmest place is right on top of you. Once you get nestled under the covers and get the bed nice and warm, Max will perch himself right on top of you -- where it's nice and toasty.


It seems felines can catch a nap anywhere, whether it be stretched out on the sofa or buried under a pile of laundry. Cats sleep about 16 hours per day, according to PAWS Chicago, a humane no-kill shelter based in Illinois. That much sleeping surely requires someplace soft and cozy. Your belly covered in a thick layer of plush blankets is one of the coziest places in the entire house, far superior to any cat bed or pillow.


Your lovable fluffball stays home all day by himself. By the time you get home, all he wants to do is stay right by your side in hopes that you'll never leave again. When Max climbs up into bed, he'll head-butt your face, give you kisses and curl up on top of you. Since he can't hug or speak, these little cues let you know he truly adores you. Show him some affection in return and scratch his head until he dozes off.


When your furry chum is seeking a place to fall into a deep slumber, he'll need a resting spot that is secure. What's better than resting right next to you -- the master of his castle? Not only is your down comforter plush and warm, curling up on top of you makes him feel safe. He'll be able to drift off into kitty dreamland for hours, without the fear of anything dangerous occurring. No predators could possibly harm him while you're right there to keep him safe.

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