What Does It Mean if a Cat Sleeps on Your Stomach?

"You keep me toasty."
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You've been in the habit of sleeping on your back for years, since Milo tends to curl up on your belly at night. While you may wonder why he chooses to sleep there, he's perfectly at ease and sleeps most soundly when he's right on top of you.

Staying Warm

You’ve probably seen Milo stretched out on the recliner as soon as the afternoon sun comes in. Cats prefer seeking out the toastiest spots in the house when aiming to catch some Zs. Because there’s no sunlight poking through the blinds at night, he’ll have to find the next best thing: your stomach. You probably figured out that snuggling up to your body provides as a natural heat source, keeping Milo exceptionally warm during the chilly nighttime hours.

Being Cozy

It’s quite clear when Milo is getting ready for bed. He kneads the throw blanket on the sofa, bunching it up, then pushes over the pillow. He’ll nestle right in his sleeping spot and zone out for hours. Fortunately for him, when you lie down to sleep, your belly offers him a soft and snug place to snooze. He doesn’t have to go through all the work of pushing and pulling on the blankets -- you’ve already done that for him. Not only is your stomach comfy, it’s also coated with a thick down comforter, adding to his coziness.

Showing Affection

You’ve been working long hours at the office. While kitties are exceptionally good at being self-sufficient and taking care of themselves, they still crave attention and quality one-on-one time with you. As soon as you snuggle into bed for the night, Milo surely jumps up, licks your face, butts heads you and finds his way down to your stomach to sleep for the night. He knows he won’t get to see you too much throughout the day tomorrow so he wants to spend as much time as possible with you at night. You make him happy and he just wants to be close to you.

Staying Safe

Some of the places you find your furry family member sleeping are truly peculiar: the edge of the sofa, buried under your clean laundry and even on top of the refrigerator. Cats are natural-born predators and when they sleep, they let their guard down a little. Finding a safe and secure spot is very important in case a predator -- aka Fido -- walks in the room. Since Milo feels safest when you’re nearby -- you are, after all, the one who shoos the dog away -- he thinks the safest place to be must be directly on top of you. Your stomach just happens to be the perfect size to keep his furry body not just cozy, but also perfectly safe.

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