What Does It Mean When Your Cat Keeps Meowing & Climbing You?

Your furbaby wants your attention and closeness.
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Your furbaby may surprise you with some of her behaviors. If she begins to communicate with you by using a variety of meows, she is expressing something. If she decides she wants to climb you, she is expressing something quite different. Ouch, those sharp little claws!

Give Me Attention

“Mrrrrreow!” You don’t speak “cat,” so you are not sure what your cat is telling you. If you just fed her a little while ago, you know she isn’t hungry. She may be sitting in front of you with wide “Puss in Boots” eyes. If she is looking straight at you as she vocalizes, try getting down to her level, petting and holding her. She may just want a little attention from her human. Be careful -- once she begins to struggle, let her go, because she is becoming over-stimulated. Hold, play with and stimulate your feline girl every day. You and your relationship will only benefit.


Your kitty may begin to communicate with you at about the same time every day or night, usually when you are sleeping. If this is the case, she’s doing the Kitty Happy Dance, exulting that she’s trained you, especially if she uses a meow guaranteed to get your attention. You respond, just to get some peace and quiet but, if you think about it, you are reinforcing a behavior you don’t want.

Break her attention-getting habit by giving her attention on your own terms. Play with her before you go to bed. A good play session reassures her that you have not forgotten about her, and it tires her out. Once you’ve gotten her good and tired, give her a small meal.

She is Bored

“Hmmm, it’s too quiet in here. My human is only reading. Think I’ll disturb her ... MEOWWWW!” She definitely got your attention. If she was peacefully lying on the back of your sofa, watching you read, she got bored.

Have some cat toys stored in a closet so that, when she loudly requests your attention, you can pull a few out and play with her. Some of her toys can be something she can play with on her own. Even a large cardboard box can entertain her, enabling her to jump in, hide and jump out at unsuspecting passersby.

Desires Closeness

Your furbaby climbs on you because she loves being close to you. If she adopted you when she was a kitten, think of the nights when she would climb onto your chest and snooze the night away.

When she does this, it’s an indicator that the two of you have successfully bonded with each other. This doesn’t always happen between cats and their humans, so when it does, cherish it and the relationship you have with your kitty.

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