How to Make a Parakeet Sing

A healthy, happy parakeet can spoil you with his vocals.
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A parakeet sings for many reasons -- he might be flirting with a female bird, claiming his territory, showing off to his mates or calling for your attention. If your parakeet isn't as vocal as you'd like him to be, take steps to motivate him to belt out a tune.

Step 1

Bring your parakeet to an avian veterinarian to rule out any health conditions that might cause him not to be very vocal. You might not be able to tell that your pet bird is sick just by looking at him -- birds tend to hide their illness, because they know it makes them easy prey to predators. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Step 2

Prioritize your parakeet's happiness, because if your bird isn't happy he might not be in the mood to vocalize. House him in the largest cage you can afford so he can easily spread his wings and move around. Place the cage in a frequently visited room of the house and keep it at a safe distance from dangers, such as overhead fans and prowling cats. Provide him with water, food, toys, perches and a healthy dose of daily interaction.

Step 3

Consider getting another parakeet and place him in another part of the house. The birds will communicate with each other and call out to each other. Before you know it, bird chatter will fill the house.

Step 4

Whistle or sing to your bird to try to get him to join in. Your parakeet might copy you or try to outdo you. Alternatively, turn the radio on when you leave the house and your bird companion might learn a few tunes.

Step 5

Create a sleep schedule for your parakeet so he gets 12 hours of sleep every day. Just like you, your parakeet can be grumpy and tired if he lacks sleep an most likely won't feel like singing. Cover up his cage when it's bedtime and uncover it when it's time to wake up to keep him on track.

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