How to Make a Heated Dog Bed Without Electricity

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Chewed wires, dogs receiving shocks and tripping on electric cords all are hazards of electric dog bed warmers. Improperly operating thermostats can either allow your pet to become too cold or too hot and lead to sickness or even thermal burns. Microwaveable dog bed warmers are a safer option to keep your pooch warm.

Step 1

Place an orthopedic dog bed in an area away from drafts. Put the bed as far away from exterior doors as possible. Place blankets on the floor first on tile and uncarpeted floors, then position the bed on top of the blankets. Tile and wooden floors can become very cold and transfer temperatures through the bottom of the bed, making it colder for your pet.

Step 2

Place a microwaveable pet bed warmer in the microwave from one to four minutes, according to the package directions.

Step 3

Remove the bed warmer and squeeze the contents gently to distribute the warming gel in the center evenly. It should be warm to the touch, but not so warm that you can’t handle the bed warmer.

Step 4

Place a large towel on a flat surface, such as a countertop. Place the bed warmer in the center of the towel. Fold all four sides of the towel inward on top of the warmer. Flip the warmer over with the folds underneath.

Step 5

Put the bed warmer in your furry friend’s bed, coax him to lie on it and add additional blankets on top of him if necessary.

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