How to Make an Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Hold your kitty's litter mess captive with a simple plastic tote box.
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An open litter tray doesn’t usually address elimination problems -- including excessive odor, spraying or elimination on the floor. But a plastic storage tote turned into an enclosed litter box should please your cat -- and save you unnecessary frustration.

Step 1

Remove the lid from the tote box and set it aside. Wash the tote thoroughly with soap and water, wiping it down with a rag; this can be done in a bathtub or outdoors with a garden hose. Dry the tote with another rag or allow it to air dry.

Step 2

Draw the outline of a square door, 9 inches on each side, on the front of the tote with the marker. You can also draw a circle with a 7-inch diameter if you prefer. Place the bottom of the entrance 4 to 5 inches above the floor of the box so that litter does not pour out when it is added.

Step 3

Punch a starter hole in the outline with scissors or a utility knife on thinner plastic totes, which are frequently made of recycled material. Punch the hole with the tip of a heated soldering iron on thicker plastic totes for easier cutting. Follow the marked outline to create the hole with your chosen tool. Discard the cutout piece of plastic.

Step 4

Sand or file the edges of the opening to protect your cat from scratches as he enters or exits, or cover the edges with duct tape.

Step 5

Position the tote on the floor in place of the cat's former litter box. Fill the bottom of the box with 3 inches of clean litter. Put the lid back on top of the tote and push it down firmly into place.

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