How to Make Dogs Potty on Cement and Not Grass

Cleaning up after your doggies is easier if they go on the patio.
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Picking up after your pooch goes potty is an important hygienic step, and of course it keeps your yard from becoming unpleasantly unusable and smelly. If she goes anywhere in the grass, it can be hard to find her leavings. Instead, train her to eliminate on your cement patio.

Step 1

Feed your doggy at the same times each day to establish a regular potty routine. Knowing ahead when your pooch will have to poop facilitates teaching her to go exactly where you want her to go.

Step 2

Take your puppy out hourly for potty breaks at first. If you're teaching a dog that's already housebroken, you should already be acquainted with your pet's elimination schedule.

Step 3

Lead your pooch by leash directly to the cement where you want her to relieve herself. If she heads into the grass, gently redirect her. Keep her on the cement in the appropriate place.

Step 4

Praise your doggy when she goes potty in the right spot, and be affectionate. Feed her a yummy treat immediately too. Bring the treat outside with you so you can offer it right away; if you wait until you go back inside, your pooch won't associate the reward with the behavior of relieving herself on the cement instead of in the grass.

Step 5

Watch your dog closely while she's inside, if you're newly housetraining her. Take her outside to the appropriate spot on the cement if she starts whining, sniffing the ground, circling, scratching at a door or engaging in other behaviors that may indicate she needs to go.

Step 6

Stay outside with your dog during playtime, if she's already accustomed to going potty in the grass. If she begins relieving herself in the grass, clap twice loudly to interrupt her and quickly lead her onto the cement. Reinforce the behavior when she finishes in the right spot, with affection, praise and a treat.

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