How to Make a Dog Scarf

Create scarves to dress your pet in style.
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Your four-legged prince or princess will prance around in style with a handmade dog scarf. Make a scarf to match your dog's style, special occasions or to coordinate with your clothing. Choose any soft, washable fabric to create one-of-a-kind doggie fashions that are easy to make and take care of.

Step 1

Make a paper template for the scarf. Measure your dog's neck, and add four to eight inches, depending on your dog's size. Cut out the template, and fold it in half to form a triangle. Fit the paper triangle loosely around the dog's neck to be sure to have enough excess to tie the scarf bandanna-style around his neck.

Step 2

Open the paper template out into a square. Pin the pattern template onto a single layer of the fabric. Position the pattern so that any print or larger objects on the fabric will face the desired direction when the scarf is folded into a triangle to tie around your dog's neck. Cut out the square pattern.

Step 3

Remove the pattern and the pins from the fabric. Fold the fabric under and to the backside one-half inch, then again one-half inch, to form a hem. Pin the hem. Hand or machine stitch the hem in place. Press the hemmed scarf.

Step 4

Fold the finished scarf into a bandanna-like triangle and tie it around your pet's neck. Keep the scarf loose enough to fit your hand between it and your dog's neck, but not so loose that it will easily fall off.

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