How to Make a Bulldog Stop Snoring

Some peace and quiet during the day.
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Bulldogs are big snorers. In fact, they can snore loud enough to keep the whole household awake. Because this is a breed characteristic -- all dogs with very short noses snore -- you can't completely eliminate it. You can, however, lower the frequency or the "intensity" of the snoring.

Step 1

Make sure his sleeping area is cool and well-ventilated. If Doggie's not comfortable or if he's overheating, his snoring will worsen. Bulldogs don't do very well in hot weather, according to the Bulldog Club of Northern California. Make sure he gets to sleep in an air-conditioned room to help ease his breathing.

Step 2

Have Doggie checked by your vet if the intensity or frequency of the snoring has changed recently. Some bulldogs suffer from brachycephalic upper airway syndrome or laryngeal edema, both of which affect the airways and make breathing more difficult.

Step 3

Put Doggie on a diet. Bulldogs can become overweight very easily, especially if you don't keep them active. As with people, excess weight can make breathing more difficult, worsening the snoring.

Step 4

Change the humidity level of the room and see if that helps. Open a window if you can -- the flowing air might help ease his breathing. Not enough? Get a humidifier and place it near Doggie's sleeping area.

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