How to Make a Barrel Dog Food Storage Bin

The top of the barrel creates a great stand for Fido's treats.
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If you are looking for a container for storing Fido’s kibble that looks a little more upscale and adds to your room's decor, an old wine or whiskey barrel can do just the trick. Convert that vintage piece into a unique dog food storage bin and conversation piece.

Step 1

Remove the metal hoops from the barrel. Place the scrap wood block against the hoops and tap with a hammer to loosen. Slip them off the barrel. Lightly sand the metal hoops to remove rust and debris. Sand the surface of the wooden barrel with a coarse sandpaper first and finish with the fine sandpaper.

Step 2

Return the metal rings to the barrel. Place a small amount of wood glue on the inside surface of the metal rings. Slip the rings over the barrel and glue in place. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

Step 3

Determine where you want to place your door and what size it will be. A good location is in the center of the barrel, between the metal rings, on the side opposite the bunghole -- the hole, often corked, where the wine came out. Note that a barrel is made of staves, or individual horizontal wood strips that form the sides; when determining your door size and location, you must use the full width of a stave. Door height depends on the metal ring placement. Mark your door with painter’s tape.

Step 4

Cut your door section using a jigsaw. The staves of the barrel are not connected to each other, but held in place by the metal rings and pressure. As you cut your door, the sections will come apart. Put your staves back together with wood glue. Wrap painter’s tape around the door piece to hold the staves in place while the glue dries. Then place the door back into the barrel. Tightly tie a rope around the barrel and door, keeping it in place while it dries and ensuring that the dried door will fit back in the barrel. Allow glue to dry as recommended.

Step 5

Remove the door piece and clean out the inside of the barrel. Us the scrub brush or scraper to remove any stuck debris in the bottom of the barrel. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove.

Step 6

Place the door back in place and position the hinges. Screw the hinges onto the door and onto the barrel using a screwdriver. Test the door to ensure it is level and opens correctly. Adjust the hinges as necessary. Attach your desired door handle with screws and you are ready to place your bag of dog food inside the new storage cabinet.

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