Low Energy & Non-Shedding Dogs

Most nonshedding breeds require regular grooming.
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For many hardworking owners, coming home to a lazy dog, or putting on an outfit free of hair in the morning would be a dream come true. Although all dogs need exercise, and even categorized nonshedding breeds do shed a little, there’s a dog suited for your activity level and lifestyle.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels griffons are known for their cute faces and almost human-like expressions. In 1997, the face of griffon even upstaged a face like Jack Nicholson’s in a popular movie. Their origin is Belgium, and they are American Kennel Club registered as a toy breed. Griffons average between 6 to 12 pounds with an approximate life span of 12 to 15 years. Their various colors include red, black and tan. They often bond to one person and adapt well to apartment or condo living.


The sociable Havanese is another toy breed with an average life span up to 15 years. They have affectionate personalities, and are good with children as well as the elderly. They come in various colors including, white, cream and black. They are the national dog of Cuba. This is where they originated and were bred exclusively for the upper class. During the Cuban Revolution, many of them were left behind causing the breed to face near extinction. However, the owners who fled with their dogs began rebuilding their population in the 1970s.


One of the oldest recognized breeds is the endearing Maltese. They are named after the city of Malta, a Mediterranean city on a small chain of islands south of Sicily. They were a favorite among Romans and Greeks, and especially ladies of nobility. Bred for companionship, they’re a loving and social breed. With an average weight of 7 pounds, they make excellent travel companions, and spending time with their owners is their joy. Their silky white coat gives them their regal looks; however if left unshaven or trimmed, a commitment to daily brushing is required.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzers are a registered small breed with an average weight of 15 pounds. Their colors include silver, black, and salt and pepper. This friendly breed originates from Germany, and is seen in 15th century German paintings. They have the typical terrier spunk, making them good watch dogs. They also have the typical terrier curiosity that makes them a busy breed, but they adapt well to their owners lifestyle. They feel at home running through open fields, or in an apartment with the right toy for entertainment.

Care and Rescue

The majority of nonshedding breeds do require regular grooming, and all dogs require daily walks or backyard playtime. Also, lower energy adults are still energetic puppies. If devoting time to puppy training is difficult, rescue groups have older, already trained dogs waiting to become a loving member of your household.

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