How to Live With Dogs In a Mobile Home

Dogs can live happily in mobile homes.
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Ready to turn your dog into a mobile home resident? First, some behavior adjustment is required. Dogs can adapt to any environment, so don't worry about Fido -- just make sure you're ready for the challenges of moving, changing his exercise routine and adjusting to the neighbors.

Step 1

Call mobile home parks in the area you're interested in. Policies about keeping dogs vary from park to park, so you might need to call around a few times before you find something that works. Some parks are OK with tiny fluffy dogs, but will shake their heads "no" to massive dogs. Others have a limit to how many dogs you can bring into the park.

Step 2

Train your dog to stay near you at all times. One of the major problems with a mobile home is that mobile home parks rarely have boundaries between properties. Is Fido going to run and torment the neighbors every time you open your door? A long leash can help during training or even every time you're outside, if you can't control your dog. Most mobile home parks have a policy of indoor-only pets. This means you have to train your dogs to sleep and live inside most of the time, except when you're outside with them and can supervise them.

Step 3

Put a collar and tag on your dogs. Clearly identify your phone number and, if possible, your lot and mobile home address on the tag. Many parks require this, but even if they don't, it's just common sense. If your dog bolts out of the door and gets lost, the tag could be his ticket back home.

Step 4

Get used to taking your dogs for lots of walks. Living in a mobile home is a little like living in an apartment: a small space without unlimited yard access. If your dog is used to living in a home with a yard, there will an adjustment period. To make sure your dog thrives in the small space, make sure he gets plenty of outdoor exercise. Look for a mobile home park with a dog run or find a city park nearby.

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