How to Keep a Dog From Tearing Up the Backyard

Exercise and attention are the keys to a well-behaved dog.
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One of the benefits of having a backyard is that it allows your dog plenty of room to stretch his legs and entertain himself. Unfortunately, many dogs find that the best entertainment is digging holes. This can make it much more difficult for the humans in the family to enjoy the backyard.

Step 1

Exercise your dog. While access to the backyard means your dog has the opportunity to exercise himself, he still needs supervised exercise to stimulate his mind and keep him out of trouble. Daily walks or games of fetch are a great way to work off some of the excess energy that may translate into digging when you aren't around.

Step 2

Provide entertainment in the yard. Puzzle types of toys, where your dog must work to get a treat, are a great way to stimulate his mind.

Step 3

Designate a spot for your dog to sleep. Many dogs dig in the warm weather months so they have a cool spot to lay. Place food and water in an area that stays cool, such as under the deck, to encourage your dog to lay there. Provide some clean straw for bedding as an added enticement.

Step 4

Spend time with your dog. Whether this means you going outside or your pet coming in, dogs are social animals. They will dig out of frustration and boredom if they don't have regular company. In addition to the time you spend exercising your pet, make sure he gets plenty of time hanging out with the rest of the family.

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