What Is a Lineolated Parakeet?

The lineolated parakeet is a small parrot, similar in size to a budgie.
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The lineolated parakeet, also known as the barred parakeet and the Catherine parakeet, is a small, lively, low-maintenance parrot which can comfortably live in smaller spaces. While the lineolated parakeet is a perfect first pet for new couples, this little parrot requires a social and playful environment to thrive.

Physical Characteristics

The little lineolated parakeets are on average 6 to 7 inches tall and weigh up to 2 ounces. Known for their gorgeous colors, lineolated parakeet plumage colors include a variety of green, blue, yellow, cream and white hues. The claws and beaks of lineolated parakeets are usually flesh colored, and the ring around their eyes may be colored or flesh toned depending on their plumage color.

Male and females look quite similar, and the only way to conclusively sex lineolated parakeets is through blood tests.

Natural Habitat

Lineolated parakeets have a wide natural habitat throughout Central and South America. They live in small flocks up to 30 birds, and eat a wide variety of seeds and insects. Just a few regions where lineolated parakeets are known to roam include Columbia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. In nature, they tend to frequent mountainous regions, although they do come down to lower elevations during the winter months. Lineolated parakeets prefer habitats with trees, which provide cover from natural predators.


Lineolated parakeets are extremely social and will form strong bonds with pet owners and lineolated companions. They love to play during the morning and late evening, either with their owners, friends or toys. Lineolated parakeets are known to be much quieter than other types of parrots -- like the African Grey -- and will softly chatter and chirp when they are vocal; however, they may sometimes loudly screech if they feel threatened or upset. Lineolated parakeets will respond well to gentle handling and hand feeding too.


Your lineolated parakeet will thrive in a small environment as long as he has plenty of company (that means you or another lineolated companion) and activities. The habitat should be well stocked with toys and placed in an area that will not be exposed to temperature fluctuations. Your birdie will need time outside of the habitat at least twice a day to roam and exercise.

Lineolated parakeets do require periodic toenail trims and an occasional water mist bath. The Lineolated Parakeet Society recommends feeding lineolated pets a varied diet, including approved vegetables and fruits, pellet food and seed.

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