How to Get Kittens to Calm Down

Get your kitty feeling secure and happy in no time.
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Ah, fuzzy little kittens. Sometimes they can be so cute, cuddly and relaxed, and other times -- well, decidedly not. If your kitten is acting out, getting her back on the road to serenity and model behavior doesn't have to be out of the question.

Step 1

Give your kitten her own private sanctuary. Cats -- and kittens are certainly no exception -- are famously independent and thrive when provided with their own relaxing havens. If your kitty is acting particularly rambunctious or aggressive, send her to a designated dimly lit room she can make her own, far away from other people, pets and distractions.

Step 2

Soothe her nerves with music. Kittens often misbehave due to fear and uncertainty, whether it is from being around other cats or being thrown into a brand new and scary home situation. Relax your kitten's tension by putting on some light, quiet background music -- think classical or easy listening tunes.

Step 3

Offer your kitten toys. Get your stressed kitten's attention span and energy under control by providing her with toys that will get her feline brain going -- think fishing rod toys, feather wands and fur mice. Not only do these kinds of toys catch your kitten's focus, they also take her mind off of whatever is bothering her, whether it is a bossy senior cat or pure unfamiliarity.

Step 4

Give her a scenic view. Cats the world over love gazing out the window and enjoying the landscape as well as the hustle and bustle of passersby. Place your kitty's bed in a safe spot by the window so she can stare out the window to her heart's content, whether it's at the neighbor's massive Saint Bernard or at the mailman doing his daily rounds.

Step 5

Play with your kitten. Kittens tend to misbehave when they are feeling neglected and alone. With the hectic chaos of daily life, it is often very easy for cat owners to not spend as much time as they should be with their furry friends. Ensure a calm and content kitten by regularly playing with her. Throw around her fur mouse and let her retrieve it. Pet her back. Snuggle her in your arms as you watch the evening news, even if only for 10 minutes a night. A little bit of attention goes a long way for a lonely kitten.

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