Kinds of Pekingese

In China, Pekingese were considered signs of positive fortune.
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Many dog breeds branch out into several different types. The Chihuahua, for one, exists in both short and longer haired versions, which are relatively easy to tell apart. In this department, the Pekingese is a totally different matter. These furry canines appear in one distinctive type -- tiny and long-haired.

Pekingese Background Information

The Pekingese homeland is China, which their name suggests. Peking is the former name of Beijing, the nation's capital. The Pekingese has an extensive history that dates to 800 A.D. or earlier. Although these dogs are wee creatures, they are often thought of as being spirited, self-sufficient, feisty and valiant creatures, with loving and sweet attitudes toward their family members. With good and attentive care, these toy pooches can generally live for anywhere between 12 and 13 years.


Lengthy, straight and sumptuous, Pekingese coats are diverse, colorwise. These canines appear in practically every color you can imagine. From off-white kinds of Pekingese to black, reddish and golden Pekingese, these guys aren't at all limited there. Many Pekingese even have black fur on their faces. It's not at all rare to see a Pekingese with a blend of white and something else on his coat -- "parti-color." A parti-color Pekingese might feature both white and black fur, for instance. Pekingese have double coats that need brushing sessions a minimum of once each week. Without sufficient and proper brushing, Pekingese coats frequently develop persistent, frustrating and unsightly knots.


Size is one of the most noteworthy features of the Pekingese breed, apart from their classic and utterly charming "pushed in" or brachycephalic visages. These dogs are undeniably little, typically weighing 14 pounds or less. Their fluffy physiques are usually between 6 and 9 inches in height at the shoulder. Since they're so tiny, they usually thrive in smaller homes -- they're suited well to apartments or condominiums in cities. Poodles and dachshunds both come in multiple size groups, but all Pekingese are somewhat similar in size.

Mixed Breeds With Pekingese Heritage

Although purebred Pekingese only exist in one basic form, many mixed breed varieties are also well-known in the pet world. The peekapoo, for example, is a type of dog that has both Pekingese and poodle origins. The peagle is a combination of Pekingese and beagle.

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