Types of Chihuahua Mixes

Cross a Chihuahua with any small breed for adorable results.
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Your watch and your jeans are designer, why not your dog? Designer breeds result from crossing two recognized breeds of dogs to get a new breed. Chihuahuas are a popular canine variety in their own right, but cross them with another small breed and the results are adorable.


Yorkshire terriers and Chihuahuas are two of the smallest recognized dog breeds. Cross these two tiny canines and you'll be sure to get a great companion dog whose bravery is bigger than she is. Both breeds are very intelligent. Physical characteristics can follow either breed, resulting in a small dog with a medium-short length coat and pointed ears that may or may not flop over at the top.


Crossing a Chihuahua with a teacup poodle has darling consequences. The coat may vary from short and fuzzy to mid-length, soft and curly. The pups may have pointed ears that stand up, or floppy ears like a poodle. Both breeds are intelligent, but poodles tend to be a bit more active. Look for any or all of these characteristics in a chi-poo.


What do you get when you cross a Chihuahua with a dachshund? The answer is a chiweenie. Mixing traits of both breeds, you'll most likely end up with a clever, brave and loving dog. Physically, you might get a dog that looks like a Chihuahua but with an elongated body, or one that has a Chihuahua's compact build with a dachshund's floppy ears. There are long-haired varieties of both breeds, but if you breed two short haired dogs, you'll most likely end up with a short-haired pup in almost any color.


You may want to breed a Chihuahua with a miniature schnauzer just to be able to tell people your dog is a "chizer." Physically, this designer breed's coat tends to be fuzzy but soft and has either pointed ears, floppy ears or pointed ears that flop. You might find a chizer with a boxy schnauzer face and sleek Chihuahua hair and body, or fluffy with a Chihuahua's round head and pointed muzzle. As for temperament, both breeds are intelligent and alert and you should never underestimate either for their small stature.

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