What Kind of Fabric Repels Dog Hair the Best?

Dog hair can adhere to most fabrics.
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While dog owners love their furry companions, any dog owner will tell you that dealing with dog hair is a constant struggle. Owners of shedding dogs find fur everywhere: in the car, on clothing, and under and on furniture. One way to deal with a shedding dog is to select fabrics that repel dog hair.


While it's technically a skin and not a fabric, the single best upholstery covering for repelling dog hair is leather. Dog hair can't get embedded in leather. It slides right off the material. Additionally, if dog fur does accumulate on a leather piece of furniture, it's easy to wipe it off. Dog fur contains oil, which doesn't stain leather and can be wiped off easily. Because of this, leather makes a good choice for dog owners who are looking for new furniture. Some suede leathers may be less repellent than other leather types.


Another suitable upholstery fabric for repelling dog hair is microfiber. Some microfibers, like those with a tight weave, prevent loose hair from adhering to the fabric. Even looser microfiber weaves are easy to clean, though; so if dog hair does stick to the fabric, simply wipe the fabric with a cloth to remove the hair. Further, vacuuming is safe for microfibers -- when dog fur piles up, it is easy to vacuum it off the fabric.

Silk or Silk Blend

Because of its naturally slippery texture, silk makes a reasonable choice. It's relatively resistant to dog hair accumulation. It's important to note that, while silk will help repel dog fur, a silk blend probably will be a more affordable and longer-lasting option. If you are reupholstering your furnitur, choose a home-decor weight of fabric so it's both dog-fur-resistant and durable. Consider one in a pattern or texture to help conceal any dog hair that does land on the material.

What to Avoid

When you're trying to choose a fabric that repels dog hair, it's as important to know what not to choose as it is to know what fabrics are suitable. Avoid heavily textured fabrics since dog hair can get trapped in the thread. Skip luxe fabrics like velvet, velour and brocade. These fabrics are like magnets to dog hair. Some synthetics like nylon attract dog hair through static cling. Knits are also a bad choice because the hair can become embedded in the weave.

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