How to Clean Dog Hair on a Microfiber Couch

Your couch often seems to belong more to your dog than you.
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Your pup is so sweet to cuddle, but his hair isn't as sweet when it's stuck to your microfiber couch. The hair seems to work its way through blankets you use to cover the couch cushions, making it a constant battle to keep your black pants clean when you sit on the couch. There are several ways to clean the dog hair off the couch in just a few minutes at a time without too much elbow grease.

Rubber Tools

Microfiber fabric has a smaller pile than most fabrics, giving it that sleek look. The small pile also makes it easier to clean than most other fabrics. The dog hair still sticks to it, but the short pile releases the hair easily. Start by rubbing the couch with a rubber short-bristled brush or slide on a pair of rubber cleaning gloves. This causes the hair to bunch and clump together, making it easier to remove. Press hard while you're rubbing to get as much hair as possible.


Vacuuming is most effective after you've used rubber tools to make the hair release from the microfiber couch. Instead of picking up the clumps of hair, clear it away using the vacuum's hose attachment. Dig into the edges and creases of the couch cushions to remove any stubborn hairs.

Lint Brush

A sticky lint roller can be tiresome if you use it for the entire couch. Make one swipe on an overly hairy couch and it's time to peel off the top layer of the roller. However, if you clean the couch regularly, a link roller is a fast, easy and effective way to remove the dog hair in a pinch, such as when your mother-in-law shows up unexpectedly.

The Source of the Problem

The first step in cleaning the hair off the couch is trying to keep it off in the first place. Brush your dog regularly with a fine-toothed brush to pull out as much loose hair as possible. Keep up on the flea control to keep him from scratching and pulling out his hair, and give him baths once a week or so to remove additional loose hair.

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