What Kind of Drying Unit Do Groomers Use?

Grooming techniques differ from breed to breed.
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Dogs of all sizes can benefit from the services of a professional pet groomer. Pet salons use dryers that ensure a dog's comfort and well-being as he is pampered. Using a drying unit on a dog's coat can improve his appearance and keep his coat shiny for days to come.

Traditional Hair Dryers

Handheld hair dryers are easy to operate and many are as effective on a dog's coat as they are on human hair. Handheld dryers may be particularly useful when fluff drying a dog. Certain breeds require fluff drying, the act of brushing the wet hair in an upwards motion as the hair dryer is blowing on it. The poodle, Old English sheepdog and Afghan hound benefit from this drying method. Dog groomers should take care to avoid blowing any air into sensitive areas around the dog's eyes or ears. Though producing a breed-appropriate appearance, fluff drying requires more time than other grooming methods.

Cage Dryers

Perfect for short- and smooth-coated dogs, cage or kennel dryers enable busy dog groomers to attend to other clients while a freshly bathed dog is dried. While convenient, the high temperatures that have been recorded can be harmful or fatal to older dogs or puppies. Keeping the air on a warm or cool setting will prevent the dog from overheating, while placing a towel in the bottom of the cage dryer will give the wet pet a comfortable place to rest while his coat is treated.

High Velocity or Forced Air Dryers

High velocity or forced air dryers are a fast way to remove moisture from a dog's coat and may even help remove loose hair from the dog's undercoat. They are sold in many shapes and sizes. Better still, most high velocity units do not contain a heating element, removing the threat of overheating or burning a dog's skin. Though many pet grooming facilities may prefer them for their safety and efficiency, the strong motors utilized by these drying machines can be upsetting to a dog's sensitive hearing.

Stand Dryers

Sometimes called fluff or finish dryers, stand dryers are usually mounted on a movable post. Air is expelled from the unit at a lower rate than in high velocity dryers, and it makes much less noise. Though this type of dryer can take up floor space, there are ways of mounting it to the ceiling or wall. Many groomers use the stand dryer on dogs with curly coats for the straightening effect it has on the dog's hair. The groomer must ensure that the dog's coat doesn't get too hot, as some dryers do contain a heating unit.

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