How to Kennel a Kitten During the Day

Toys help a kitten develop her motor skills.
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A pet crate can serve as a space your fluff ball can call her own. A large kennel set up with furnishings creates a kitty house complete with a bathroom, playroom, kitchen and bedroom. Kenneling a kitten also keeps her out of mischief while you are away at work.

Step 1

Place a large crate in an area of your home without drafts. Fill a small litter box with cat litter and place it in the rear of the crate. Felines prefer seclusion when using a litter box. Small litter boxes have shorter sides so a young kitten can access them easily. A small litter box also leaves ample room for the other items in your kitty kennel.

Step 2

Place a cat bed or pillow in the front of the kennel near the door. This gives the kitten a place to rest with a view outside of the kennel. Add a blanket to the bed or pillow in the winter so she can stay warm in the daytime. Six- to 12-week-old kittens sleep up to 18 hours a day, as cats are nocturnal; thus, a comfortable bed is necessary for a kenneled kitten.

Step 3

Fill a small bowl with dry kitten food and another with fresh water. Place the bowls near the cat bed. Kittens from 6 to 12 weeks old eat four times a day or just snack on the dry kibble throughout the day.

Step 4

Place kitten toys in the kennel between the food and water bowls or in the bed. Small toys that she can grip with her claws provide a lot of entertainment. You can also crumple up newspaper and hang it by a string from the top of the crate to encourage her to sit up and play while gaining balance skills.

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