How to Keep a Puppy Away From the Dinner Table

Teaching manners starts at a young age.
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It is much easier to prevent your pet from begging than it is to stop him once he starts. By keeping your pup away from the dinner table while you are eating, he will never learn that it is acceptable to beg for food.

Step 1

Exercise your pup before mealtimes so he will be content to chill out while you're eating.

Step 2

Separate your dog from the dining room. If you are crate-training your dog, put him in the crate while you eat. If you are not using the crate, use a baby gate to keep him out of the dining room.

Step 3

Ignore any barking, whining or howling. Any reaction will encourage him to keep seeking your attention.

Step 4

Provide him with a spot to lay near the dining room. When you are not eating, teach him to go to this spot on command. For example, say "bed" and lead him to a dog bed in the corner of the kitchen. Repeat until he goes there on your command only.

Step 5

Remove the baby gate or allow him out of the crate at mealtime. If he comes over to the table, give him the command to go to his bed. You may need to take him over a few times, but as long as you're consistent, he will soon lay there quietly through meals.

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