How to Keep Muddy Dog Prints Off the Floor

Wiping a dog's paws before he enters the house can save a lot of cleaning.
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Cleaning up after pets is a never-ending project; and never more so than when it's raining outside and the dog barrels inside with muddy paws. But there are a few ways to stop the mud from entering your house in the first place.

Step 1

Place a wide industrial floor mat both outside and inside the door frequented by the dogs. These mats are designed to catch dirt and mud, as well as prevent slips and falls. Simply wash them off with a hose for easy clean-off.

Step 2

Keep a stack of old towels next to the doors where dogs frequently enter. Wipe their paws off with a towel before they enter the house, and toss the dirty towels in the laundry for clean-up. Teach your dog to wait for paw wiping before he enters the house.

Step 3

Create a mudroom -- if you don't already have one -- by using an attached garage, walk-out basement, sunroom, porch or laundry room that can be entered from the outside; doors can always be added to make an entrance. Use this room for clean-up before a wet dog is allowed entrance to the rest of the house.

Step 4

Fit your dog with boots that are made to keep his paws dry during inclement weather. The boots slide on and attach with a simple fastener and can then be removed upon his return to the interior of the house.

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