How to Keep a Cat with a Broken Leg from Jumping

Crating a cat with a broken leg is the easiest way to prevent jumping.
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Cats are bouncy little creatures who love to jump around. Unfortunately for a cat with a broken leg, though, jumping can further aggravate the injury and delay the recovery process. Keeping your injured cat still while her leg heals is challenging but also critical to a successful recovery.

Step 1

Keep your cat indoors. Since it would be impossible to monitor her progress or prevent her from jumping if she roams freely outside, it is imperative that your feline friend be kept as a strictly indoor cat for the entire duration of the recovery period. If your cat is used to being an outdoor kitty, she may have a hard time adjusting to the confinement but it is a necessary part of the healing process that she will simply have to get used to.

Step 2

Keep your cat away from other animals. Other pets may encourage your injured cat to play, which could lead to jumping. Reduce your cat’s likelihood of jumping by restricting her access to other pets in the house. Designate a separate room or some other isolated area where she can rest quietly without being disturbed by other animals that may also live in the house.

Step 3

Keep your cat confined to a small area. The less room she has to jump, the less likely she is to try doing so. A small bathroom or spare room with limited space is ideal for your injured kitty. If you don’t have any extra room available, consider keeping your healing cat confined to a crate. Though she won’t be happy about feeling cramped, her broken leg will have a better chance to heal if she is forced to sit still for a while.

Step 4

Restrict your cat’s access to elevated surfaces. If you can’t crate her or keep her otherwise confined, the next best thing is to jump-proof your home as much as possible. Minimize your cat’s urge to jump by blocking access to elevated surfaces that she normally uses, like counters or windowsills.

Step 5

Place an Elizabethan collar around your cat’s neck to aid the recovery process. An Elizabethan or E-collar is a plastic cone or hood that goes around your cat’s neck and prevents her from being able to lick or bite her injury. Not only will an E-collar stop Kitty from messing with the bandages around her broken leg, it will also make it harder for her to jump or move around in general.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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