Does It Hurt a Husky Dog's Hair When You Shave Them in the Summer?

A husky's fluffy fur helps regulate its body temperature.
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Husky dogs have fur known as a double coat: longer silky fur over shorter down fur. This mixed coat is very important to the health of a husky; you should never have your husky dog's coat cut unless medically necessary.

Cutting a Double Coat

A husky’s double coat consists of an undercoat layer that sheds in the summer and thickens in the winter, and a silky layer that stays the same throughout the year and gives the dog its coloration. Shaving a husky runs the risk of damaging the hair follicles and therefore both layers of fur. This damage can lead to thinning fur and even bald spots.

Issues With Temperature Regulation

The fur of a husky not only keeps the animal warm in the colder months, it also circulates air over the dog's skin during warm weather if the coat's not matted. Having a husky shaved eliminates the dog’s ability to circulate air over its skin. In addition, if the fur doesn’t grow back in properly, the dog will not be able to keep warm in the winter.

Skin Problems

A husky’s fur is designed to provide the dog with all its necessary sun protection. When you shave a husky, you take away that protection. Even small patches of missing fur can lead to problems since huskies have very little skin pigment and are particularly sensitive to the sun. Repeated exposure to the sun can cause skin irritation and can lead to skin cancer.

Properly Beating the Heat

Shaving a husky won’t help keep it cool in the summer, but there are some things you can do to help your friend. Make sure you brush your husky’s fur regularly to remove lose undercoat and prevent matting. Also be sure to provide your husky plenty of cool water throughout the day, and limit outside time when it is too hot.

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