Homemade Dog Food for Elderly Dogs

As your dog grows older and becomes prone to such conditions as arthritis and obesity, you will need to watch his diet. There is high-quality dog food that will help, but a cheaper and perhaps better way is to feed your dog is with your own specially made dishes.

Step 1

Take your dog to the vet for an assessment. Only when you know what is wrong with him or what illness he is prone to can you feed him the right diet.

Step 2

Give your dog small amounts of fruit and vegetables and fiber such as wheat bran to help with constipation. There are a few vegetables and fruits that are harmful for dogs including avocado, onions, garlic, grapes and raisins. Fruit and vegetables your dog will love and can eat include bananas, pears, carrots and spinach.

Step 3

Add nutritional supplements to your dog's homemade food. These can be bought at your local pet feeding store or from your vet. Vitamin E, beta-carotene and omega-6 fatty acids will help to maintain your dog's immune system. Glucosamine chondroitin is good for those dogs prone to or suffering from arthritis. Omega-6 fatty acids can also be found in poultry fat, canola, sunflower oil and whole grains. Vitamin E can be found in dry apricots, sunflower seeds and corn. Squash, carrots and sweet potatoes all contain beta-carotene.

Step 4

Feed dogs with kidney problems a high-protein diet, which can include eggs, beef, bread and rice. One recipe consists of cooked white rice, a large boiled egg, minced beef cooked well in sunflower oil and bread cooked lightly in sunflower oil. These ingredients should be mixed together in a bowl and served immediately to your dog.

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