Holiday Picture Ideas With Dogs

Your dog is an important and fun addition to your holiday pics.
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Your pooch is part of the family, so you want to include him in holiday photos. Whether you use props or backdrops, shoot indoors or out, let his personality guide you in creating the perfect photo and you’ll have pictures you’ll want to share with everyone, no matter the holiday.

Using Natural Scenes

Nature can provide a delightful backdrop for holiday photos year round. During winter months, snow can create a playful scene. If your dog likes to plow his nose through snow, try to catch him doing that in your photo. Or build a "snow dog" and have him sit next to it. For spring holidays like Easter, place Easter eggs near a blooming garden, and position your dog nearby. For Halloween photos, sit in a pumpkin patch or next to individual pumpkins.

Using Props

If you'd rather do your photo shoot indoors, spice up the scene with fun props. You can use some items, such as pumpkins, indoors or out. Get creative with holiday-specific toys. For example, for a Christmas photo, give your dog a Christmas-themed dog toy and take pictures of him while he is playing with it. Or, position your dog next to a heart-shaped gift box for Valentine's Day.

Dressing up the Backdrop

To create a festive backdrop, place items behind your dog or on the floor. This builds a studio effect with a specific holiday-themed area. One fun and easy backdrop is wrapping paper. Unravel it across the floor area where you're shooting, and tape to walls for an even more powerful effect. Or, string holiday lights from the ceiling, door or other fixture and place your dog in front of or behind the lights. This brightens the scene and can create a beautiful snowflake effect.


Make preparations beforehand to ensure a fun, easy photo shoot that creates an adorable set of holiday photos. First, feed and potty your dog. Second, schedule a time when your dog is well rested. Choose a time and place where he will feel comfortable and happy. Lastly, make sure he doesn't eat any props so both of you will stay safe and happy for your holiday and beyond.

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