How to Hide a Cat Litter Pan

The middle of your living room is no place for a cat toilet.
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You can't put lipstick on a pig or your cat's litter pan. It is what it is -- a place for Kitty to do her business that's an eyesore in your otherwise pristine home. Although you can't dress it up and take it out, there are ways to conceal it.

Step 1

Place the litter pan in a corner of the room and surround it with leafy, decorative potted plants. Make sure the pots don't block your cat's path -- there should be a large enough opening between them for her to easily get to the litter pan. Go to your local plant shop or nursery and ask the owner which plants he would recommend. Never use any plants that are toxic to cats.

Step 2

Hide the litter pan inside a closet that your feline friend has access to. Clear away any obstructions, such as shoes or suitcases, that could interfere with her ability to easily climb in and out of the pan. There should be enough room for her to fully turn around without bumping into anything. Hire a carpenter to install an access flap in the lower part of the door so Kitty can come and go when she pleases. You can also remove the closet door and hang a curtain in its place.

Step 3

Purchase a piece of furniture that's specially designed to conceal unsightly litter pans. Many come in attractive shapes and sizes that will blend in with your home decor. They function as useful furniture, such as benches and small tables, while concealing the litter pan underneath. Your kitty enters through a convenient access hole when she needs to do her business. Look for dual-purpose furniture online and at most pet supply stores.

Step 4

Put a decorative Japanese shoji screen in front of the litter pan. Although screens are more commonly used as attractive room dividers, use one to cordon off a section of a room to obscure Kitty's litter pan. The screen also provides her with privacy while she does her business. Purchase shoji screens online or at Japanese furniture stores. Other types of concealing screens are sold at most pet supply shops.

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