Grooming Supplies for Long-Coated Havanese Dogs

The Havanese requires frequent brushing to stay tangle-free and looking his best.
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The Havanese sports a lovely long coat, with a fluffy undercoat. This gives the breed an adorable cotton-like appearance, but it also means the coat requires regular attention. Without frequent grooming, your pup's hair will develop into mats that require a set of clippers to remove.

Conditioning Spray

You can apply commercially prepared conditioning spray or make your own by adding about 1 teaspoon of dog conditioner to a spray bottle of water. Conditioning spray softens the coat, making it easier to brush, and keeps loose hairs from going airborne and covering you, the couch and everything else while you are brushing your dog.

Pin Brush

You can do most of your grooming with a pin brush. A pin brush has numerous pins as bristles, with balls on the top of each pin to prevent them from scratching the skin. Work through your dog's coat section by section with the pin brush, paying particular attention to the areas most prone to developing knots, such as between the legs and under the collar.

Metal Comb

A metal comb can work out any tangles that your dog may develop, as well as getting in tight areas, including where your dog's legs meet his body and the base of his ears. The metal comb pulls a little more than the pin brush, so be gentle when using it.


A damp washcloth can help to clean around your dog's eyes every day. The long hair of the Havanese can cause irritation around the eyes, resulting in tearing. These tears can stain the coat if left to dry. Washing your dog's face daily prevents this from becoming a problem.

Ear Cleaner

Commercial ear cleaners provide a safe and an effective way to keep your dog's ears problem free. Follow the directions for the ear cleaner. Typically these call for you to apply a small amount of the cleaner and wipe the ear out with a cotton ball.

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