How to Care for a Springer Spaniel Coat

Springer spaniels require frequent grooming to look their best.
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Springer spaniels have a beautiful coat that requires regular care. If you commit to grooming your dog at least three times a week, you can keep him looking and feeling great. With a double coat and long, floppy ears, this is a breed that requires regular grooming.

Step 1

Brush your dog from top to bottom. Use a slicker brush, which has metal bristles, to make sure you get down to the skin. You don't want to use a brush that just smooths the top layer of hair. The thick undercoat needs regular brushing to keep tangles out and to remove loose hair. Be careful with the slicker brush: if you brush too aggressively, you can scratch your dog's skin.

Step 2

Clean out your pup's ears each time you groom him. The springer spaniel's floppy ears prevent air from circulating, which makes him prone to ear infections. Use a cotton ball and a commercial ear cleaner to gently wipe out your dog's ears. Do not use a cotton swab.

Step 3

Visit a professional groomer several times a year to tidy up your dog's coat, if you want. This is not necessary, but many people take their dog to the groomer every few months to have the area around his head, neck, feet and tail clipped. While not required to keep your springer spaniel looking good, it does create a neat appearance. The groomer can also take care of nail clipping for you.

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