How to Groom a Yorkie for the Summer

A functional hair cut makes sense when your dog is out and about.
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Your Yorkshire terrier's long coat can be trimmed and cut into an assortment of different styles, but in the summer you have to make sure your dog's comfort is considered when you select his haircut. Consider the climate when choosing your Yorkie's summer look as well as the activities you are planning to bring your dog along on. A dog who is going to be spending the summer traveling with his family will need a more functional haircut than one who is going to spend the warm seasons snoozing on your couch.

Step 1

Choose the summer haircut or style you want for your Yorkie. A puppy cut involves trimming the hair all over your Yorkie's body without shaving it. A Westie cut removes the hair from the dog's body but leaves the hair on the face for styling -- this cut can be either a trim or a complete shave. Some cuts, such as the Chinese crested and schnauzer cuts involve removing the fur from some of the dog's body and leaving other areas of the coat long to create a specific style. You do not have to choose a specific style of cut for your Yorkie but it does help to have an idea of what you are planning to do before you get started with the clippers.

Step 2

Restrain your dog with a grooming restraint, typically a leash and collar combination lead that can be fastened to a secure place in your grooming area. It will apply pressure if your dog attempts to get away. Restraints are useful in preventing your dog from escaping as well as minimizing the damage if your dog attempts to bolt in the middle of being trimmed.

Step 3

Select a guard for your clippers based on how long you want the coat to be when you are done using them. A 1/2 inch guard is commonly used to shave a dog without making him bald . A longer guard, 2 inches, for example, can be used to get a uniform length cut without scissors. Snap the chosen guard into the clippers and oil them to keep the clippers from clogging or getting too hot.

Step 4

Shave your dog using the clippers. Start near the neck and work your way down the body depending on exactly how you want to clip your dog and what style you are aiming for. Always shave going along with the grain of the coat or you may give your dog a bald patch. Use special care when trimming the feet and the long hairs that grow between the toes.

Step 5

Trim and style your dog's head and facial hair as desirable. Make sure to get all the loose hair out of his eyes and trim up his chin so that he doesn't soak his hair while he drinks or eats.

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