How to Groom a Yorkie Poo Dog

With a combination of the long hair of a Yorkshire terrier and the dense coat of a poodle, Yorkiepoos can be a grooming challenge. It’s advisable to get into a proper grooming routine immediately to prevent your lovely fluffy dog from turning into a walking bundle of mats.

General Grooming

Step 1

Book an appointment with a professional dog groomer. Grooming a Yorkiepoo is not just a matter of a quick brush. Your pet will need his nails trimmed, his coat cut -- especially around the eyes -- and any tangles or mats removed. An inexperienced person can hurt her dog doing any of these, so get a professional to show you the correct procedure. If you are still uncertain, return monthly for occasional jobs, such as nail trimming and a haircut.

Step 2

Lift your dog onto a table, which makes grooming easier. If he is liable to jump off or try to play, clip on his leash and ask somebody else to hold the end for the first few sessions.

Step 3

Comb through your dog’s fur every day. With patches of longer hair, comb at the ends and work your way to the skin -- similar to the way you would remove a tangle from your own hair. If his hair has been trimmed short, you can alternate combing with brushing.

Step 4

Check your dog’s eyes and ears during the grooming session. If you notice anything unusual, such as a discharge, take him to the vet.


Step 1

Wash your Yorkiepoo every couple of months, but not more frequently. A shower is probably easier than a tub.

Step 2

Get the shower running tepid, but not hot, water.

Step 3

Put your dog in the shower and dampen his fur.

Step 4

Rub in a shampoo specifically for long-haired dogs, making sure none gets in his eyes, ears or mouth.

Step 5

Direct the shower attachment at his fur until all the suds are gone. Repeat the procedure with conditioner.

Step 6

Take him out of the shower, let him shake if he wants to -- and he probably will -- and pat him dry with a towel.

Step 7

Run a comb through his fur and keep him inside until his coat is completely dry, especially if the weather is cold. A hairdryer set to the coolest setting speeds up the drying process.

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