Giving a Maltese Yogurt to Prevent Eye Staining

A Maltese can easily develop tears around his eyes.

A Maltese can easily develop tears around his eyes.

While all dogs can develop tear stains around their eyes, the condition is particularly noticeable on white dogs such as the Maltese. Yeast is a common culprit in these stains, and a probiotic such as yogurt can help prevent them.

Consult your veterinarian before beginning and preventative treatment. If the tear stains are particularly big or are causing your dog discomfort, she may prescribe antifungal treatments or shampoos. Yogurt is most effective as a preventative tool, so follow your vet's instructions for removing the tear stains before giving your dog yogurt.

Give your dog 1 teaspoon of plain white yogurt twice a day with each meal. You can mix the yogurt into the food or allow your dog to lick it off of a spoon as a treat.

Wipe tear stains away with a warm, damp cloth. Do not tug on residue or rub the eyes forcefully.

Items you will need

  • Plain white yogurt


  • Examine your dog's diet. Excessive fillers, particularly grains, can contribute to the development of yeast around the eye. The first ingredients listed in your dog's food should be meat, not corn or wheat.


  • Never put yogurt in your Maltese's eyes.

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