Getting a New Parakeet for Your Old One

Birds of a feather flock together.
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Parakeets, also known as budgies, are flock birds, and as such inherently enjoy interrelation with their feathered friends. Correctly introducing your old parakeet to a new pal can be a rewarding experience for both you and your two budgie buddies.

Vet Visit

Once you've chosen your old bird's new roommate, get that new 'keet to the veterinarian to be sure he is healthy. Although better breeders and pet stores often provide a health certificate, this only means the bird was healthy at the time of his checkup. Getting your new bird a fresh bill of health is a sound first step towards a healthy happy relationship for your two birds of a feather.

Brief Quarantine

Set up a separate disinfected cage for your new kid on the block for a 30-day quarantine period away from your old birds cage. This extra cautionary step is designed to protect your old bird from any possible undetected internal parasites or diseases. During this period, make a habit of washing your hands between handling your new arrival and tending to your old parakeet pal. If there is no indication of investigation or sickness after a month, your new guy is ready to be introduced to your old one.

A Cage For Two

An appropriately sized cage for two parakeets should be 24-by-16-by-16 inches. This size cage is wide enough to offer your parakeet pair enough room to move about from side to side and tall enough to provide a safe perch away from the bottom. If your old bird’s current cage is large enough, there is no need to go out and purchase a new one -- just be sure to disinfect everything to remove the old scents, and rearrange the place a bit to give the shared abode a neutral feel. Before moving the parakeet pair together, place the cages close together for a few days to get the two acquainted through the caged bars. Housewarming gifts like fresh treats and new toys may also help to smooth out potential territorial issues that may arise.

Monitor Adjustment of Both Budgies

Making sure that both birds are eating is the most important thing to focus on for the first few days. Birds feel safer at higher elevations in a new environment, and initially positioning the food and water cups near the top perches will comfort your budgies in their new shared abode. Monitor the adjustment of the pair, play plenty of attention to both and be prepared to separate them in the odd case of potentially harmful quarrels.

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